Important Talk

Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to all of you at Desi Social. Like many developed countries in the world, we are also trying to establish our own social media.Which will one day introduce Bangladesh to the court of the world. Whether you are local or expatriate, our mission will not be fulfilled without your active participation. Share PipiLipi with your friends. And request them to register. Let us be ahead in using our own things. Either way it looks exactly like Facebook. But it is our native thing. Our social media has some unique features from Facebook. And many more new features will be added in the future. Only if you participate.Without your help, this effort of ours will never be able to move forward. So we request your help from all of you.We have taken a decision to spend a portion of our earnings from social welfare to help poor people and do social work. If you are around. Also we are launching a poor fund called for Fund through which any user of our site should help the poor. If you are by my side, I hope we can extend our helping hand to the poor. to have everyone by our side. Inshallah